What You Should Be Posting to Instagram

Updated: May 30, 2020

Ah, Instagram. That lovely little friend that everyone is always trying to figure out. Right? The truth is, no matter what's happening with the algorithm, there are a few things that are tried and true. And who doesn't want a little dependability when it comes to Instagram strategy?

Bailey Livingston Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

1. When you take a step back and think about why you follow the accounts you really love, what do they have in common? Sure, you probably like their beautiful images or how well their feed was curated, but is that really what keeps you around? I bet that what you REALLY love about those accounts is that you have something in common with the person behind those little squares! I bet you could tell me a few things about your favorite influencers. Their favorite food? Color? How many kids they have? The name of their spouse? Where they like to vacation or where they live? Yep, that's the ticket. So, if you want your followers to LOVE hanging around...don't be afraid to share those things about yourself. What might you have in common with your ideal client or follower? Figure that out, and share it so that you can cultivate an actual friendship through the platform!

2. Taking the first point a little further, create a brand around yourself so that you're more to your audience than just a business. Nobody wants to follow someone that's constantly promoting their business or trying to get you to buy something with every post! Sharing your likes/dislikes and letting your personality show on your feed will keep people around whether or not they're in the market for what you have to offer...whether that's a product or a service.

Bailey Livingston Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

3. Be consistent about when you share! When you are reliable about your posting schedule, your audience will know when to expect to hear from you. Consistency can lead to trust and that keeps people invested in the content you're creating.

4. Feel free to mix things up! Share what you love whether that's your hobbies, your work, your significant other, and really just anything that makes you, YOU. I'm sure you've heard rumors that getting very specific about a niche can lead to quick growth, but how boring and limiting is that!? We all have lives full of many different things, and it's so much more relatable to share everything you're passionate about...and that you're comfortable sharing!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

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