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Entrepreneurship: The Ugly and Beautiful Truths

Entrepreneurship is both amazing and a really just depends on the day! Or maybe even the hour? But to be honest, I'd say the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Keep reading to see what I mean!

The Ugly:

1. You are in charge of EVERYTHING. Which for me is a bummer because finance and accounting were never my strong suits and I still hate when I have to go over all the numbers. Yikes. But truly, the responsibility to make sure everything is running smoothly, all clients are happy, deadlines are met, etc. etc. etc. all rests on your shoulders.

2. You are alone a lot! I'm not the type of person that likes to spend countless hours in a room by herself but it happens most days if I'm being totally honest! Sure, I meet a lot of great people at sessions and weddings, but the majority of my business is spent behind a computer screen making sure every image looks just right. Let's just say I've listened to a LOT of podcasts and audiobooks. (Send all of your faves my way, please and thank you!)

3. Most work days can become around 14 hours long. Yep, you heard that right. When you decide to become an entrepreneur it's easy to think "heck yeah, I'll be able to make way more while working way less!" Lol. Wrong. When you have your own business, you start to eat, breathe, and sleep everything entrepreneurship. You go to sleep thinking about the things you need to do, and you wake up thinking about clients you need to get in touch with. It NEVER STOPS. Luckily, most of the time it really doesn't feel like work, and there's nothing you'd rather be doing...but it can be overwhelming and SO hard to turn your mind off at times.

The Beautiful:

1. Setting your own schedule is THE BEST. You have the freedom to schedule vacations, take sick days (or just work from bed all day), and really just do what you want, when you want to! However, what I said before about working more as an entrepreneur as you would with any other job is the cold hard truth! But, when you love what you do, it never really feels like work!

2. Reaching and even surpassing the goals that you set for yourself feels amazing. For my first year, I set a monetary goal that seemed reasonable, and reaching long before my deadline felt absolutely amazing. It feels SO good to look back and see how much you can accomplish and grow!

3. The sky is the limit! Everything that you and your business become is completely up to YOU! Everyday is a new chance to set goals, try new things, and push yourself to grow! The only thing holding you back is you!

4. You are in charge of EVERYTHING. Yes, I also said this was one of the ugly sides of entrepreneurship.'s also incredible. You decide the company culture, you set the deadlines, you make the final decisions. This business can be everything you've ever dreamed!


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