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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Working For Yourself

To be honest, I hadn't thought too much about what everyday life would be like once I decided to go full time with my own business. I guess there are a few things I could have guessed, but a few I didn't! So, if you're curious about entrepreneurship or gearing up to take the plunge for yourself, read on!

1. Time management will become your greatest asset...or your biggest downfall. Some days seem to fly by, and others seem to drag on way too all depends on how prepared you are! Because you're not in an office, surrounded by colleagues or a boss, you are only accountable to yourself. Which is awesome! However, to make the most of every day you need to plan ahead and stay on task.

2. Sick days are no problem. Feeling a little under the weather? You were probably planning to work from the couch (or bed) most of the day, anyway! So you'll probably stay right on track without any hiccups at all. (One of my favorite perks about working from home!)

3. Snacks are closely at all times. Everyone loves a delicious snack, right!? Well, watch how much you're snacking while you're working from home or you might add a little to the waistline. Prepping healthy snacks beforehand to eat throughout the week helps with this!

4. You take advantage of any opportunity to interact with another human being! Working behind a screen means a lot of long days alone. But it also means plenty of opportunities to call and catch up with friends while you work/go on break. Working for yourself also means there aren't usually a lot of potential friends around the office (er, home office). So, don't be afraid to reach out to others with similar interests or businesses of their own online!

5. The sky is the limit! My all time FAVORITE thing about having my own business. I set the deadlines, and I set the goals. I am in charge of my own potential, and I am the only thing holding me back! It's so liberating to know that I can be as successful as I want to be, and I set my own parameters for that success.

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