Balloons + Tunes

Updated: May 30, 2020

The most beautiful weekend with an incredible view! Check out how we celebrated Valentine's Day this year in Southern Utah.

Let's be honest, when Valentine's Day is on a weekday, you never know how you'll be able to celebrate with your honey! This year Wednesdays are always the absolute craziest for me, and celebrating the amazing relationship we share just couldn't be done properly in the short time period that I was free! So, instead we waited for the weekend and then escaped to the most magical festival ever! 

My sweet husband is from a darling little town in Southern Utah called Kanab. You may have been through there if you've been to Lake Powell or gone hiking in some of the amazing parks down there such as Zion! 

We actually did start the weekend with an early morning hike up to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, and then we took in the balloon festival in all of its incredible glory. I mean, seriously? Just look at these photos and imagine it being even better because it definitely is when you experience it in person!

We were able to explore so many beautiful places in Southern Utah, stroll through the street market for the festival, and send off lanterns once the sun went down. It was such an incredible weekend, and definitely one that I'll never forget. Mark your calendar and head to Kanab next year!

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