How To: Organically Grow Your Instagram

Updated: May 31, 2019

Let's be honest, there are plenty of ways to gain followers overnight...but I promise that organic growth is what will count in the long run. Sure, it's fun to see a large follower count up by your username, but it doesn't mean anything if they are fake accounts or don't love the content you publish on the platform.

Bailey Livingston Photography, Arizona Wedding Photographer

Quality Photos: The number one biggest tip I have for social media, especially a platform with an aesthetic emphasis like Instagram, is to have beautiful photos! This doesn't mean you have to be a professional photographer with an expensive camera. iPhones (and I'm sure all other smartphones) are more than capable of creating a beautiful Instagram feed! Just make sure each image is in focus, take advantage of natural indirect light, and maybe even use an app to make some enhancing edits! While there are many apps that can be used to apply presets and filters, the Adobe Lightroom app is free to download and definitely my personal favorite!

Make Each Caption Count: Sure, pretty pictures are great but people really connect with the words you post alongside them! Learn how to write in a way that's comfortable and actually sounds like you so that your readers feel like they know you. Another great way to make the most of each caption is by using a call to action. Use a caption to ask your followers to speak up! Should they double tap your photo to agree? Share a fun experience in the comments? Don't be afraid to ask them to engage!

Post Regularly: Showing up regularly on social media makes it easier for your followers (and even potential followers) to find you. The more someone sees your posts, the more likely they are to engage, and the more likely they are to love you! Posting regularly also helps to build trust because then your followers will know what to expect from you as well as when to expect it.

Use Instagram Stories: People want to see your real, raw, everyday life! Don't you love seeing behind the scenes moments and sneak peeks into the lives of the photographers, bloggers, and other people you follow online? I know that my favorite online friends are the ones with hilarious and entertaining stories! They want to get to know you, too, and the easiest way for them to do so is through Instagram stories.

Be Engaged + Show Up For Your Followers: Has anyone ever told you to "invest in people who invest in you"? It's one of my absolute favorite pieces of advice because it's TRUE. Nobody wants to waste time showing up for and supporting people who aren't about to do the same for them! So, support other small businesses and accounts that inspire you and you just may end up making a new friend. And if you have some devoted followers that are supporting your work and engaging with your posts, take the initiative to do the same as well! Those people are exactly who you want following and supporting you online, so show some appreciation and show up for them, too!

Be Authentic: Trying to be something or someone you're not will never get you very far. Never be afraid to share what you love and believe - you'll end up attracting others who share the same values! Whether you're on social media to search for clients or friends, it'll always be easier to attract them if you're being yourself!

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