Create a Website Your Clients Will Love

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

When you're looking to go to a new restaurant or hairdresser, where do you turn to learn who's the best in town? Friends...and the internet, right!? So, if you're running a business, you want to be sure you're easy to find online and that potential clients will be impressed with what they see when they find you!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

Pump Up Your Bio Page: You want to have your personality all over your website, but the bio page is your chance to really shine! Let the reader know a little more about you than what they could have already guessed! Sure, I'm a photographer, and I could ramble on for days and days about how much I love to be behind the camera and capture precious moments. Duh! I obviously like all of that stuff if I've decided to run a business based on those facts. So, be sure to take the extra step to make your bio fun and interesting! Share some fun/little known facts about yourself or even what a day in your life may look like. You want your ideal client to be drawn to YOU, but they won't be if they don't even know who you are! Also keep in mind that you want to put your best foot forward. Double check spelling and grammar, and be wary of any hints of humor that may be taken the wrong way! It's great to have some fun and keep things light, but humor and sarcasm can be misinterpreted online all too easily, and that's good to remember!

Get In Touch: Make it EASY to contact you. You should have a contact form or email address readily available at all times! If you want your clients to get in touch, get to know you, have questions answered, and ultimately book your services, they need to know how to act quick! Make it easy so that nobody will get frustrated and hop off of your site rather than tracking down contact info.

Search Engine Optimization: Otherwise known as "SEO", and widely unknown to many of the people that could benefit from it the most! SEO is how you show up in search engine results, and make yourself nice and easy to find. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, will show someone your name if you take the time to leave keywords throughout your site. This means that naming your photos and adding keywords to any content on your site will make it more likely to appear in search results!

Stay Up To Date: Potential clients want to see your most recent work! Updating galleries, portfolios, and publishing new blog posts are all great ways to highlight your talents and skills for visitors to see. Plus, regularly adding new content to your site will help with SEO!

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