5 Tips for Creating Content That Counts

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

You can pour your heart and soul into a new piece of content...but what can you do to be sure people SEE it, and LOVE it as much as you? Keep reading for 5 tips to create content that really counts!

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1. Write on Topics That Can be Re-Posted

The content that gets the most views is the content that can be posted again, and again! Sure, seasonal/event related content can create buzz but can't be used as much as content that's always relevant. If you have a topic that your audience could use any time of the week or year, that's content that can be re-posted and reach more people!

2. Let Your Personality Show Through Each Piece of Content

The biggest thing that will help your content stand out from the crowd is your unique voice! Of course you want to be professional in grammar, layout, etc. but if you type the same way you would speak, your content will read more easily and become familiar to your readers. Spice it up with your unique personality, everyone will love it!

3. Be Clear

Cut out the fluff, my friends. Have you ever clicked on a blog post that looked amazing and it just turned out to be a bunch of rambling and the useful information was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? What could be worse than that!?

One of the best ways to be more clear in the way you write is to get rid of any needless adjectives. (i.e. People don't need to know how adorable, fluffy, darling, wonderful, playful, and excited the puppy is...they just need to know there's a puppy.)

4. Pay Attention to Seo

Fill your content with searchable keywords and phrases that will help people find it online! You can do this by adding keywords to the text in the body of the content, or on the back-end of things. Back-end SEO would include naming your images with keywords as well!

5. Include a Call to Action

You got someone to read the content...now what!? Whether it's an Instagram caption, blog post (or really anything else for that matter) what is the next step? Encourage them to "like this photo if you agree" or "click the link in my bio to learn more" or "share with a friend who could use this information, too!" The possibilities are endless.

Share this article with someone you know wants to improve their content game! And then, get out there and create some killer content!

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