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Must Have Business Tools | The Creator Catalyst Podcast

We don't always have the cash laying around to outsource every little task we'd rather not be doing in our businesses, right!? Lucky for us, there are a ton of apps and other resources that make business easier and more fun (for cheap, or free!)

I'm sharing all of my favorites today on this week's episode of The Creator Catalyst Podcast!

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The Creator Catalyst Podcast

UNUM + Planoly 

Unum and Planoly are both apps that allow you to plan out the content for your instagram feed and see how your images will look in the grid format

These are a great way to get a better idea of what your content will look like together, and make sure your brand/aesthetic i s staying cohesive

These apps and others like them also allow you to drop in your captions and hashtags, and schedule posts to roll out automatically so that you don’t have to hit publish in real time

Unfold + Mojo 

These apps are both great tools for taking your IG stories to the next level 

Unfold allows you to showcase images with different backgrounds so that your stories look more planned, professional, and cohesive 

I’ve used Unfold to create stories that showcase client photography galleries, new product launches, and more. And every time I use the unfold templates I get a ton of questions on how I made my stories look so good!

Mojo is great for showcasing your videos and images in your instagram stories, but the app overall turns your instagram stories into more of a cinematic experience

They have a lot of great artsy templates that are free, and even more you can purchase

They allow you to make slideshows and edit your videos to have frames around them, different filters, etc.


This has been our favorite tool for working together as business partners! It allows you to plan out content, to-do lists, assign tasks to different members of a group or team, set dates, and more.

We love it! It’s a great way to stay organized, keep track of everything, and the variety of layouts and templates make it easy to use however works best for you

Google Keywords

Google keywords is a free tool that comes with your free Google Ads account! It's a quick and easy way to determine which keywords you should be using in your SEO strategy, hashtags, etc!

Lightroom (mobile version is free!)

Lightroom has always been my go-to photo editing tool!

It allows you so much freedom to tweak your images to match your particular aesthetic on both your phone, and on your computer!

Plus, the phone version is free for anyone!


This is a great way to be your own graphic designer! When your biz is small, or you don’t even have the time to hire out smaller graphic design tasks such as social media graphics, Canva is amazing. There’s both a free and paid version and even the free version has SOOO many useful tools

You can create logos, stickers, banners, flyers, ebooks, and really anything else you could imagine through Canva

Invoicing Software (honeybook, partially (works with stripe) or built into your site?)

Having a good invoicing software is going to make your life and your business SO much easier. Especially if you offer payment plans, an invoicing software makes it easy for you to keep track of how much your clients have paid, payment due dates, etc!

Some that we’ve loved are honeybook - which actually keeps tracks of things like contracts as well

And is another invoicing software that we’ve used through Stripe to set up payment plans for offers

Email scheduling software (flodesk, constant contact, omnisend)

Smart entrepreneurs know that building your email list is the KEY to truly connecting with your current and future customers

An email list allows you to nurture your community by providing value, educate, and pitch upcoming sales or offers! So, it’s vital to have an email scheduling software so that you can stay in touch regularly, and make sure your emails are looking great!

Many of these options have free trails or free versions of their service, so check them out and see which will meet your needs best, and which templates they each offer that match your brand aesthetic!

Yoga mat + foam roller + resistance bands

We can’t end this training without adding a few tools that help you take care of your body, as well as your business! 

You need to take care of yourself so that you can give your clients and your business your very best, and still not feel totally burnt out when the work day is over! And, if you’re spending hours sitting at a desk, getting moving is so important

It’s so helpful to have a few tools that allow you to move your body next to your desk or in your home so that it makes things easier! Then you can work in a bit of movement throughout the day rather than thinking you have to change, go to the gym, shower, and then head all the way back to the office just to get that blood pumping

A yoga mat, foam roller, and resistance bands have become my go-to


One of the hardest things to do when you’re a business owner and entrepreneur is TURNING YOUR BRAIN OFF. 

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve had a hard time focusing on another task or falling asleep because I can’t stop thinking about business and work!

Meditation is something that’s allowed me to relax, breathe, and regain control. I’ve loved using both headspace and breathe, and definitely recommend you check them out!


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