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Why Blogging is a Must For Entrepreneurs

Let's get real, blogging is not that glamorous. It's a lot of time behind the screen, uploading images and finding a graceful way to expound on various topics. However, every post adds value to your business and I'll explain exactly how below!

Key Words + SEO : Regularly updating keywords and adding new content to your website makes it easier for search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find you! The easier you are to find, the easier it is for new clients to fall in love with your work.

Keeping Clients Informed: Most clients have the same list of questions...What should we wear to our engagement session? What should I think about when getting ready for my wedding day? Where should we take our bridals? And so much more! Having blog posts that explain the answers to each question can be so helpful and makes clients feel taken care of.

Showcase Your Work: Running your own business means that you're always busy, but clients and even potential clients want to see what you're up to! Blogging is a perfect way to showcase your latest work. I can't tell you how many times a client has known the perfect location for their session because they've seen a session on my blog at the same spot that they loved!

Let Your Audience In: Publishing regular blog posts is a great way to allow potential clients get to know you better! Share a little about your own life. What are your favorite weekend activities? A recent trip you loved? Share about it all so that your clients can get to know and love YOU!


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