Wedding Hangover? Even When Sober - It's The Real Deal.

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

A term many photographers, even myself, tend to use is the "wedding hangover." You guys, I don't even drink and this is the REAL DEAL. The day after a wedding usually includes: sleeping in, lots of treats, and comfy clothes to recover from all of the excitement the day before. Sure, I'm on my feet all day with a heavy backpack...but there's a lot more to it than that!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

We, as photographers, will go above and beyond the photo taking duties to make sure our couples love every moment of their wedding day (as much as this little guy (above) loves cinnamon rolls!)

On a wedding day, I pour my heart and soul into every moment physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Bailey Livingston Photography, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

I've helped with flowers, ran back and forth across venues to make sure everyone was where they needed to be, kept veils and trains looking perfect, become best friends with grandparents, entertained little ones, kept the couple hydrated...the list goes on and ON.

It is an absolute HONOR to capture such an incredible day in the lives of my clients, and I take it very seriously! There's just nothing like going to bed after a day full of flowers, lace, cake, toasts, dancing, and lots of love. And I sleep the best knowing that I played a part in making sure the best day of their lives went off without a hitch.

Sure, it's a lot of work and sometimes my body complains about my level of dedication with a few extra aches the day after...but it is ALWAYS worth it.

Bailey Livingston Photography, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

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