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The Creator Catalyst Podcast

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

I've felt for a long time that a podcast would be an AWESOME way to better educate and bring a little more community to the entrepreneurial world. So, here we are! Check out the show notes for the first episode that will be live very soon below!


This podcast is a space for passionate entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and get inspired alongside others that are chasing big goals.

And I am your host, Bailey Livingston

I’m a wedding photographer (but also photograph pretty much everything else because I honestly just love being behind the camera whether it’s for a couple in love, a brand new baby, a fun-lovin family, or really anything else for that matter)

I actually started off as a product photographer while doing some consulting and freelance work years ago but man, once I started photographing PEOPLE I never looked back!

It’s just so much better to have a subject that will actually chat with me and have some fun!

I’ve grown my photography business, owned an online women’s clothing and accessories boutique, and now co-host workshops and courses for boss babe entrepreneurs as one of the co-founders of the Straight Up Academy.

Let’s just say I know my way around the entrepreneurial world and it is THE BEST. I’ve done basically all of the things when it comes to starting and growing a business and it makes me a little crazy sometimes but in a good way!?

Although I LOVE that I have so many projects going on at any given time, and that I’ve tried and learned and done so many things, I also feel like it makes it hard for me to introduce myself at times and so...that’s why I have already recorded like 7 other podcast episodes but this introduction is the last one I’m doing before I actually launch this podcast...because I’ve definitely been putting it off!

But here we are, GETTING IT DONE!

And hopefully you’re not totally confused about who I am and what I do quite yet!

As an entrepreneur/business-owner/co-founder/and honestly just as a human on this planet, I’ve chased a LOT of goals in the years I’ve been alive.

The times that I’ve felt the most invigorated and effective in chasing those dreams, are the times that I’ve had resources for community, education, and


So that’s exactly what this podcast is meant to be for you!

The three pillars that we’ll cover through solo episodes with me AND some

interviews with incredible business owners are:


One thing that makes owning/growing a business THAT much more rewarding is working with others who are doing the same.

Supporting each other's dreams, encouraging each other to achieve goals, and working together

This podcast creates a community for you to interact with other entrepreneurs and business owners. To bounce ideas off of each other, team up on projects with, and to have as a network of support.


The best way to always be growing as a business, a brand, and a person, is to always be learning!

You can always find new ways to improve, and learning from others is one of the best ways to do just that.

Each episode will be full of tips, tricks, and juicy insights that will help you move forward in your business and personal life.


When you're building a business, it can be easy to feel alone in the hustle. Long hours gettin' work done can start to weigh heavy on your shoulders!

One of the best ways to keep pushing on and stay inspired is to hear the stories of others that are doing the same.

Interview episodes will allow you a peek into the stories of other entrepreneurs to help you stay inspired, passionate, and motivated as you grow your own business.

The people I interview on this podcast will be those people that are in the trenches, working long hours, wearing all of the hats, getting their hands dirty, and PUTTING IN THE WORK to help their business grow.

There are so many podcasts and blogs and resources from people who have been building their businesses for decades that now have teams of people working with them. But I personally feel like there is something SO inspiring about talking with people who are still getting scrappy and figuring things out and WHO ARE STILL SO PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT THEY DO that they’re putting in crazy hours and testing new things and taking risks (sometimes without even paying themselves yet!)

Thank you all SO much for being here. This is the start of an amazing journey and I can’t wait to be involved in your journey as you chase your dreams. Here’s to a little more collaboration, education, and inspiration.

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ALSO if you have any requests for special guests (or you’d like to be interviewed on the show) feel free to send over an email at or shoot me a DM on Instagram

I’m Bailey Livingston, and you’ve been listening to the CREATOR CATALYST.

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