Preparing for Your Big Day

Updated: May 30, 2020

There can be A LOT to keep track of while you're planning a wedding! Here are a few details to consider to make your day everything you've dreamed it could be!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Mesa Wedding Photographer

1. Add a line on your RSVP's for guests to request their favorite song. Then you can play it at the reception and they have no excuse but to get up and dance!

2. If you're planning for photos of you getting ready for the wedding, don't wear a bra all morning! This will prevent any marks on your back that'll appear in the photos.

3. Ask the caterer to pack up some food for you two to take when you leave the reception! Things can get a little hectic and you'll definitely be hungry after such a long day.

4. Take photos of your bridesmaid dresses or other important details when you meet with the florist. It'll make it easier to capture the style you want!

5. When getting your wedding dress altered, make sure you can still sit down before you bring it in any more!

6. Purchase a new perfume to be worn on your wedding day. One of the best ways to save a memory is by smell, so every time you wear the perfume in the future it will remind you of your big day!

7. Try to get all of the little details worked out a week before your wedding day so that you can just appreciate how amazing your wedding day is! In the end, the details don't matter. Just appreciate all of the happy memories you're creating and your new spouse!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

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