Is a "First Look" For You?

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Traditionally, it may be "bad luck" to see your bride all gussied up before the big day...but for some it's something I would definitely recommend!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

First of all...what in the world is a first look?! It's an opportunity for the groom to see the bride in all of her wedding glory before she's taking her first steps down the aisle. Yes, years of tradition may be screaming "that's terrible luck!" but....I say it could be a great option. So, I'm here to spell out why you should consider it!

1. You can have some special, quiet moments alone without any of the stress or craziness of the wedding day itself. The wedding day is about you, of course! But it can be so easy to get caught up in all of the planning and details. So, I recommend setting aside some time before the ceremony (hours or weeks before) to have some time to yourselves and soak in your almost-wedded bliss!

2. It's a great way to take some of the pressure off when you're walking down the aisle. What if the entire crowd is expecting you to get crazy emotional when you first see each other from either end of the aisle? That's stressful, my friends. So, experience that special moment with a little privacy beforehand, capture the completely natural reaction, and cherish it forever.

3. It'll free up some time on the wedding day so you can actually enjoy celebrating your special day without any time constraints. A "first look" bridals session is a great way to get all of those fun images of just the two of you out of the way, so you have more time to celebrate with everyone else on the actual wedding day!

4. Bridals prints are so fun to display on the wedding day! Many of my brides love to have their bridals printed and on display during the wedding festivities for their guests to see. The only way to have time to get the images edited and printed, is to take them beforehand.

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