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How to make the most of Instagram Stories

Sure, it's fun to see a beautiful Instagram feed with rows of images you want to drool over! But Instagram stories are the best way to really let your audience get to know you. Keep reading for my favorite tips on how to make the most of Instagram stories!

It can be tough to show up on Instagram stories everyday, believe me I know! But there are so many reasons to put yourself out there and chat with the selfie camera ;) Here's my personal favorite:

The people want to hear from YOU! There is no better way to show that you are a real human, with bad days and goofy facial expressions than showing up in your stories. Stories allow you to be authentic and REAL on a whole new level that allows your followers to feel like they really know you.

Okay, okay now that we know that our followers want to hear from do we do it? What do we say!? What do I do with my hands!? Just kidding, it's easier than it sounds!

Be Confident + Purposeful!

It can be intimidating to show up to hundreds of people! So do whatever you need to feel ready to chat with your audience. If you need to put on a little makeup, do it! Or find some great lighting (facing a window is always a good bet)! Another great way to feel more confident and purposeful in what you share is to be prepared! Make a mental (or physical) checklist of things you want to share so you don't feel totally lost as soon as you hit record. BUT don't script out everything! People want to get to know the real you. Having a conversation with the camera might feel awkward at first, but you'll be a natural before you know it!

Useful Features

Instagram has set us up with so many great features! Polls, question boxes, you name it. Don't be afraid to use them because they are perfect ways to get your audience engaged in the conversation. Plus, gifs and music can spice up any story and make it even more fun to watch! And finally, hashtags and geotags are one more useful way to categorize your story and have it be seen by an even wider audience. The location or hashtag you use may decide to feature your story and that's a great way to be found by more people that could love your content!


Have a friend online or brand you love that closely aligns with what you believe? Ask to takeover their stories for a day, and share a little about yourself with their audience (or the other way around!) Instagram takeovers are a great (and fun!) way to get some new eyes on your profile!

Share it ALL!

Your followers stick around because they love you! They want to see what you're up to, what products you love, and everything in between! The more you share honestly, the more your audience will trust you...and want to hear/see more! Don't hesitate to pop in on your stories throughout the day and show what you're up to!

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