How To Effectively Market Your Business on Instagram and Facebook - Interview With Tirzah McFarland

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

You guys, Tirzah is a force of nature. She is crazy passionate about her work and helping others to succeed...and it SHOWS. In this episode of The Creator Catalyst Podcast, we dive into her journey to where she is now, how she found her passion for social media marketing, and so much more.

Check out some of the show notes on our conversation about Social media marketing below!

What are some of the most effective ways to market your business on social media?

- Organically List Building through CTA’s across channels and platforms (example pinterest)

- Consistently Posting Content that provides value

- Showing up on Video

- Cross-Promotion. (example styled shoots, brand collaboration, friends)

- Advertising - using pixels, funnels, videos

Some of the most common mistakes people make when launching a Facebook or Instagram ad, and how can they be avoided:

- Boost rather than Build - which limits you (tracking, targeting, objectives, etc.)

- Not Testing (throw something out there, and when it doesn’t work they give up or think Facebook doesn’t work). You test images, copy, headlines and different types of content.

Overlook Video as a tool (sooo powerful, cheaper results, retarget video views, multi-taskers)

- Don’t monitor (build and launch ads then don’t monitor meaning waste mula)

They don’t give it time - pivot too fast or shut off ad before you can truly know if it was working or not.

- Not being specific enough with targeting (take advantage!!)

- Not Optimizing (when something is working, scale it)

How can you make sure your content is being seen by the right people on Instagram and Facebook?

First things first - You have to start with understanding who is the “RIGHT PERSON”.

Let’s call her KAREN

If you don’t know what karen likes, acts like online, is interested in  - then you’re creating content that may not resonate with Karen. This content won’t hit home (addressing her desires, her fears, her goals, and her objections about your offer)

If you go right into building ads - your ads may MAY bring in a lot of people - but the wrong people. Meaning people that won’t convert, or be interested in you and your business offers.

Create an ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) - Map out and Define who your ideal client is. & Don’t be broad … really get to know them because you can use this information to find her/them.

Create 2-3 other avatars that may fall under your brand/business umbrella (mom of the bride, someone who is also in the same industry but who may want to look to you for help/coaching

TEST - because maybe who you thought would want your offer --- isn’t actually the correct pool/group.

After all that then you can get down to making sure your content is seen by the right people by:

- TARGETING - Tap into demographics, age ranges, gender, interests.

- TARGETING - Your own audiences (targeting people who’ve engaged with your instagram or visited your website) If you wan’t to do this organically - you engage with people who are your ICA and then you’ll being to show up on the feeds/radar of her friends.

Top tips for making sure the content you put out is FIRE.

- Clear Call to Actions (adding in urgency as well)  - confuse people, we don’t present the offer, we don’t clarify the journey. Along with this every caption should direct someone towards an action --- otherwise what are we doing here.

Comment below, Tag a friend, Tell us if this resonated with you, grab the guide in muy bio, etc.

- FREE - People LOVE FREE STUFF. Whether that’s an actual free item (guide, checklist, course segment) or it’s just free value in a caption/blog --- you’re here to serve. Don’t be like the other 99% of business pitching all day every day online --- stand out.

Top Book Recommendations?

- Secrets by Russel Brunson - Teach you all about growing your biz online

- Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Bohannon - a truly amazing bossbabe - owner of sseko a social conscious fashion line.

- SOLD by Patricia McCormick - I have to read this book at least once a year as a refresher - it will make you cringe and cry. Definetly trigger warning. This book gives you an inside look into sex slavery in India. Too often we can get so focused on ourselves, our businesses, and our own needs … this book calls me back to my passion. I need that reminder that I can do something to help, and that I am called to help.

If you could go back and give yourself advice when you were first getting started, what would it be?


I think so often we think we have to be an 100% an expert to launch, we see these amazing 6 figure influncers and bossbabe out there and think wow they’re really great, they’re really successful -- obviously if they’re this famous/rich they’re way ahead or better than I am.

We totally judge our start off someone’s chapter 37 or their 10th marathon. WE COMPARE COMPARE AND COMPARE and can really get in a negative headspace that freezes us from starting and/or derails us as we go back to our comfort zone leaving the spotlight for those we think are worthy of it.

One of the biggest learning lessons for me over the past 7 months while I was helping grow clients following, brand awareness, pushing their sales - I came to find out that really what set these influential people, these 6-figure+ entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the world is … i’m talking amy porterfield, rachel hollis, the big gamers.

THEY GO FOR IT.  (the most basic summary but that’s just it)

I’ve come across hundreds of very talented,  educated, charismatic people in my life that could be just a famous or rich as the people I’ve managed or the people YOU FOLLOW and maybe even idolize.

This is my definition of the people I see make it big:

They have something of value to offer the world

They dedicate time & the show up consistently for their following

They put their offer out there

They work with others to design/map out a customer experience (website, funnel, email copy, beautiful content)

They invest in marketing

If there’s one thing I could go back and tell myself as a newly launched biz owner/dreamer - it’s that

You have potential, You aren’t that much different from those you follow and think are killing it - and if you focus on the negative you’ll never grow, you'll just stunt your ability to influence /and impact.

Stop overthinking it, don’t listen to those limiting beliefs - you’re closer than you think.


Connect With Tirzah:

Instagram @tirzahmcfarland my email is on there as well.

Facebook @tirzahmcfarland

How to Market Your Business on Facebook and Instagram
How to Market Your Business on Instagram and Facebook

How to Market Your Business on Instagram and Facebook

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