5 Reasons To Consider an In-Home Session

With cold weather sticking around, it's important to consider all of your options when booking a session! In-home sessions have always been some of my favorite because they are comfortable, cozy, and capture memories in the place that means the most to you!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Salt Lake City Lifestyle Photographer

1. They are the BEST for kids, especially newborns! Everyone is comfortable, close to toys, and a few seconds away from a quick snack! No hangry kids at in-home sessions means less stress and more fun for everyone involved!

2. The backdrop is all YOURS! While it's fun to get outside and have a scenic backdrop for your session, it always adds a little extra sentimentality when the backdrop is where you live! You're making so many memories every day in your home! Let's capture this special time of life in your own space!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Salt Lake City Lifestyle Photographer

3. You're way more comfortable in your own home! It just goes without saying - home is where you're most comfortable! This means more relaxed and natural poses!

4. One of my favorite reasons to have your session at your home - you're never at the mercy of mother nature! Nobody likes to reschedule last minute because of rain! Stay cozy at home and know your plans won't have to change due to weather!

5. You don't need anything fancy! Worried you shouldn't book an in-home session because you live in a small apartment? Aren't in the home of your dreams quite yet? It doesn't matter! All we need is a window that lets in some light and we're all set! No expensive furniture or countless bedrooms required!

Bailey Livingston Photography, Salt Lake City Lifestyle Photographer

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